2. Island of the Giant Girls

This giant, she will want: keys — symbol of security
and liberation; she'll want tissues
to gather the tiny headed sperm; she'll want

                the cadency mark of the
                third son; she'll want

sheathed claws and open claws;
loins and hair from the tail; dignity and symmetry;
weak curves, her face turned up to collect
the light; pointed ears, with rays issuing from
various parts of her body.

                Nine symbols are generally shown to indicate

                the now defunct Academy of the Muses.

She has sperm soaking through her clothes.2

Down her back and seeded proper between
the petals in which the sepals will be green
and the seeds in the centre gold.

2 When a condom is split it is either because of a lack
of lube or the client has purposefully put his thumb
through the condom as he unwraps it. Second son, third son, etc.

                                 And the suckling child shall play
                                 On the hole of the asp, and
                                 The weaned child shall put
                                 His hand on the cockatrice den.
                                 Isaiah, XI, 8

                                                                   It is said
to have hatched from the egg of a cock. Close to
the village well, a black man — he has erupted over her;
a shadow filled with wings elevated,
the tails nowed, and ending in a serpents head.

                Egg of the toad.

                Curtsey of the dunghill cock.

He'll get you to pose for the fun of the game,
feed you tiny travellers he has snared,
stamp on them if they try to hide, send them
wriggling into legend where

dwellen many Ipotanes that
dwellen in the water and on
the land and thei eten men
when they may take him.

                Don't work for him. Don't put on
                the head of a maiden.