. . .at the same time corinth
radiated braque and léger
but this suggests pictures
who have always allies
which is to say both dream
sweets and pigtails between
the black bits and the brown
bits (black left is a sell &
this has none poor little
open-and-shut things (steeple
people which was fingers
whizzing over glass (signed
oats) and bad results (signed
grape-eater) by way of the
blue in it (now in the blue
of it) daddy daddy now he
is a sponge (sensation of
being a sponge is I never
let go (signed east of the
heavenly organ is this the
first second or where the
sun rises (if this lift here &
bolt if this alas I am that
weary ah (all bee it a fig
a pet a mistress still & them
are beads lady & them
a white roses & the spoon
it stand straight up & blue
go all the way through
(that weren't pink that were
her head hurling a discus
that weren't a finial that
were the lightest brass. . .