. . .hello & everything this
voice is back (killed it off
as stated above that is rare
as red closet yellow closet
bad boy loose woman mig-
rant worker
(they broke him
ope and hid in all his inlets
(the one according to mr owl-
head they were spoiled &
left at a b & c but he sound
like everyone else & he
sound like everyone else
(the usual two & two is fair
& from three a win-win &
then there were none (they
all gone pair-bonding called
also night life (please sir
permission to blaze & as
he does red clouds of sunset
in the west was painted on
his coat (this way he was
disguised as a spreading
display which won me a
fiver & her eyes flashed
(it's keepers booty miss)
& a yellow patch to match
with no patch he was all in
jags & numbers will tell you
how it was pulled out &
some-be-lies some-be-true
even this was found when
the end is known (one end
is nothing but mum. . .