act 1 scene 1 black box recorder this archivist is tired Elizabeth don't touch the paper interstitial play looking at the guilty the cosmo-magical basis of the ancient Chinese city pinhole camera

5. interstitial play

Interlusions                                                     places
between places
                            Travel Lodge in the Watford gap
stairwell in a multistorey

places you spend most time
                                                       home from home
the yardstick                                           calibration
of broken surfaces.

                                                            You could find
a way out through the sewers                        a key
a secret garden                                  you could find
                                                              a white room

walls made of paper               light shines through
write on the walls
                                                  or fold this poem up
into a small square                                      swallow

words to darken                              your pathology
a Taoist amulet
                                           you draw out possessed
then eat           after years of prayer at the shrine

it marks you out                            a beacon to evil.
                                                         Words on a map
to exit the city checkerboard
to mountains                          wordless, unmapped

dog-boy                       in a Chilean mountain cave
                                                  escaping the streets
with fifteen wild dogs
no record

retinas reflect                                    no headlamps
his name                                   could not be named
                                                      births and deaths
a closed book.