3 of Clubs

Fight against fat shifts to the workplace

this tragic-romantic heroine, who had turned being compromised into a
source of uncompromising resistance, must now make compromise the work of culture

Now the sad glow in my feathered dusk throws
a pun growing weary, a rude sight chipped, swerved.
When I was fiddled my lather would lull me into his pap

gain a law, and dangerous dew, and I would stalk
quirky slates, ties revved up by suburbs, like
pay deployed in lists and sap, scarring crates
deep within me but always in the pit of my lunge

a voice, that I'd sent several notices informing me of
Hillman Library, who told me, in a stunningly icy tone I
was awakened by a telephone call from a woman
one morning about a week into the strange new August
Sigmund Freud's Selected Letters to Wilhelm Fliess

the voice of authority
singing our tune, sweating
profusely, landscape
unexploded, in the pocket
seasonal flooding, all planned
this town will never forgive

This is a situation that must be changed.
Disgruntled troops aren't the ideal fighters to prose-
The fact that some people cannot see
these simple truths through their insular,
priggish haze only convinces me further that
a growing number of Americans are right. I
believe that many of my neighbors are patriots