3 of Spades

and you know, Dad, I can see that some women do indeed look a little like guitars

leaves in the gutter. he saw and smelled these things and his
head felt light, and he thought, I hear nothing, it is as quiet

Would you mind jumping up and down on the man's back
making friends all over the world? The Coyote has to
take us across on foot, cold spells drawn like magnets

the parade of fools faced tough questions
a trigger mechanism gotten off point
madness is of serious intent
that little touch of diamonds

cookies are always coming out of the oven
and everybody has those NO PROBLEM
looks on their faces,
the worst that could happen,
the cat might tip over the water dish

But the public knew him
better as an amiable underdog,
stumbling amid the feet of the
giants of sports and other pro-
fessions. Much of his career
served as a send-up of

The burning bush smolders. More yellow, less volume,
each day, to the neighbor's birch. We're all one season
older, one more or less reason to be bold. You can
feel the morning nip, the evening begin to gnaw. I refuse.
I deny the passage. Instead I exist in the mid-afternoon
warmth, very much summer-like, shrugging off the
new shadows growing from the south