So, despite the moribund prospectus, he
put the asbestos from the dumpster in the landfill
& watched the reduncancies climb to an all-time intractability.
Paradox is to poetics as coffin is to corpse: how
much light gets through is immaterial. The
boundaries finally break down: no consciousness is
an egregious estate with zen sheep pastoring themselves
while bullets graze the faces of Empire Loyalists in
the stands. The trick with tranquilizers is to have access
to & egress from the right neurotransmitter in the right
part of the circuit: when dopamine laps 5-hydroxytryptamine
it's time to call the dogs in. To inhibit reuptake is to flood
the market with good will: if more than a gesture
it becomes a lifestyle. The practice of mellow poetics
follows prolonged periods of mediation: rant relief
is a discipline will make amends. If it needs a fix
don't broker it. "Action potential" necessarily needs enhancement
if the populace is to buy into the industrial wisdom
of trading arousal for tranquility,
that grand mediocrity.