And she can ioyne no more earth to her
then the body, and rather would she
be rid of that then receive more.

Thys aire I breathe has been taken in and exhaled
by trees. The machine has the subtletie of mynde.
It can think it's own thoughts, it has pleshures
and can build a fleshy gyaunt of its own devising.

Where efficiency creates the Quality Idyll —
a tiny Gothick car, the Chevalier Turret,
emparked. Deformed mutant-faced maides
engulfed by majestie were rising from the ground

splayed affronté, her fingered annulet
is a small ring enfiled. Bend bi-corporate. The past
is an animal with one head but two bodies.

Tiny girle respectant. Trick. Tricking. Tricorporate.

The Triton has all three at once.

I see her in the waters at high tide; combing her hair
in the ruins of the castelle on the other side
of Itchene; she weares her emblem of the silver star.
Her complexion aglitter as the air above the wave
is filled with spangles, she comes bright from below
to say darkness is the light unharvested, she said1

1Darkness is not the absence of light,
  but the absence of an object.

put a sphere into black space and see it shine.

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