They shed their tayles, which are found as the halfe-fish
ending in a fleshy wound; thei wyll not stai
in one forme too long and appeare as humans, fish
or fish-wermen. The Dracae are predators of little girles —
thei are the daughters of the clergie that embraced a child;
the Fenetten wyll suck a man for his golde — they appeare
as a bauble on the river bank; the Nixies lai manie eggs
amongst the moyste greene alder root — their skyrts are tiny,
there are Foole's Pudenda — a rash of tiny cunts — keeled
but not wrinkled — as smooth as the petal of the rose.
She comes up from the river in her death, to die daily,
to plant another Corse — her life making a death just like it.

There are manifold ways into her heart — you can enter through
her eies, through her tinie cunt or arse — if you look in
there is a tube into her interior depth where there is meaning
coming to the surface in her at all times. She stands four feet
tall and her skin is faire and shee is always verri yonge.
Her cunt is a cunt of manie cunts and each leads into the stem
which is a stout & hollow conduit for sap, smooth above
and hairie below where the lobes are downie and lush, wedge-
shaped and thicke where they secrete a sweete stickie nectare.
Her heart is deep in the earth, I heare it beatinge in my house.

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