To eise the retourne of the shiuering starre
I have fixed the face of Helianthemum
onto a Squirelle and woke her up.

Her flaggie
finnes doth

to weepe
a lustre
on the aire.

Her body is skinnie and twysted & she bends to show her
lobed arse. She grindes her arse on the bough of a tree. Her
finnes glistringe, she shows the luster of her cocke. Hauriant Luce
Ged Uriant with gills impaled: she swims up from the ground.

She gives me the anal eie.

Her eies are framed by nature to inchaunt.

The longer anal fins set her apart.

She has four barbels when the spines are erect. They fylle me wythe
a tender and a giant melancholie.
In her manifold all the cunts
combine in one cunt and thyse goes deepe into the earthe.
There is a stream of blood and a stream of milk from each tittie.
My machine has made an entitie. She has growne from the earth
like dewe. She has been borne from her owne cunt.

"Phallic house, etc. The garden, a cunt perpetually fucked, etc."
She bends to show how the thonge divides her arse to emphasise
the correspondences between gardens and lingerie, where
the cunt is made picturesque behind a flow'ry guaze.
I wylle weare her cunte to walk into the morninge sublyme.

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