the heart busting adrenalin
                      under spot-lighting
                       the strip
                     the neon corridor
                     night shivering pebbledash
                     wood   glass   stone
                     yr bones washed over
                     watched over
                     frame by framed
               the mirrored
                     con tricks ov lines closing in
                                               tracking   yu
                 on the blink              oh baby
         the neon city is                 tracking yu-uu
         on the blink again
         a slit ov piss
         the yellow                                 cuppa tea
         spray   no flash please                yr no ma
            no photography                       cuppa tea
         no fucking way                           engerland

eye spy yr cuppa tea   yr no ma cuppa tea england

yr 2 spoons ov sugar when mines a twist ov lemon
& yr yorkshire tea dont grow on the slopes ov yorkshire
& yr brands picked out in the ID parade
spinning discs ov metal satelliting this world eyeing up
yr stirring up another cuppa
eye spy yr theatre ov the   ordinary?

into the loop into the loop   cokelands fierce heterogaze queuing to look 'em up   & down

           all the in out in crowd
           love   a   a    a   zoom
           pan tilt   a     a spit
           lubricate quickening
           a double yes
                 any language
           any tongue

           all the in out in crowd
           lov   a   a    a   zoom
           pan tilt   a     a spit
           lubricate quickening
           a double yes
            any language   any tongue

oh god
                           oh god       yeah
                                                                     oh god
                                                                                                                 oh yeah       oh

itching angels
1 way programmed
their peek-a-boo
urban myth ov
wings stolen
glass snatched
& maybe yes maybe
reduced in number

but this little      pigged out in meatspace
& this little      spied on yr home
& this        & this         & this
 yr eye in the sky all glazed apple
camera stuffed in gobs    gods drinking
still yr air   yr light

footsteps cracking   cracked   crazed
glazed river the mirror whistling
        i wanna be   i wanna be

      oh god   yeah

oh god
      oh             yeah       oh

oh     god         yeah

oh     god

      oh       yeah


bird at reddening throat flutters

      a moan
      a scream
      a callin out
      an ecstatic vision
      bright eyes
      thru lives
            the noise input
      the vertical
      the horizontal
      tracking lost
      the bent headset
      lies & manipulations ov operators