rearview     mirror   eh   & its all done with mirrors / tricks ov the
           & they say yu've something ov the light about yu
           rear-view           rearguard         life   guard
           this is a life situation    this is not repeat  not
           celluloid   cellulose   sell yu this sell yu that   sell yu the other
closet dreaming   on the fake   the take   the razz   the make
wrap    the ultimate   wrap      how can president confuse celluloid realities the real thing aint

what if the only thing in our rear-view is mirror only
surface                  no depth                what         if

                              i mean   i'm doin the favour   right   keepin ma eyes   their denim   peeled

         in the arms ov a man
         on the underground
         tiger lilies

                the torso
ov a beheaded man

 — white cala lilies                      beheaded
                                   white              we view repeatedly

           systems set
set           we wanna
                 we gonna
                   nail those
                     er um er yu know
               yr   er um   yu know                                            nail yr stuff
                                                                            yr live rhythm     yr      yu know
                                                                            yr thing   yr source ov all waters
                                                                            yr ecstasy   paranoia    delusions
                                         yr      yr     yr   oxygen
                        yr mirror ov desire
           yr mirror to desire
         yr      thin mirror

addictive as porn,
yu cannot help yourself cannot stop looking
bride belting her groom
with a bunch ov lilies