Or the blood is extended either below or between, or below and above, or between and above the red, the noise, hovering in the pitch of space. Either the space is above or between the extent of noise. Or the noise is below the blood hovering between the space and the red or the white. It is long and above, or brief in duration and below with the blood and the space. Either that or it is bleeding. Or the space is extended in length, or perhaps it is very limited in extension, or maybe it is extended in the noise, or the white, or the blood. Or the blood is above the space, or it is below, and perhaps it is extended in space, or in pitch. Perhaps the pitch is red, or long, or it is between the space and the noise. Or between the noise and the blood the space is. It is extended beneath the space, long and red, or maybe above and cool and white. Or it is hot and pitch. The pitch is hot, or it is low and extended in space. The length of the extended white is cool and below the noise, perhaps, or it is not. Perhaps it is bleeding, perhaps not. Or the pitch is cool below the bleeding noise white above the red space. Or the white space. It is extended in noise above the pitch of blood or it is lying beneath or above the length of space. The space is there or it is not. The noise is either above or below the space or it is bleeding in the extended length of blood. Or it is below the cool white pitch of length. The noise above or between or below. Or maybe it is beneath with the blood that lies above the noise there. Or maybe it is below the space of cool red whiteness or the white hot redness of the length of extended noise above. Or perhaps it is neither below or between the cool bleeding pitch of red, but above the hot length of extended noise. Or the noise is both below and above the cool space between the pitch of the bleeding red beneath. Or it is neither between or beneath and not above or under the space below the extended length of blood or noise or cool pitch or length. Or it is not or it is neither not nor is it bleeding or it is.