can be slept off
if you are prepared to brave
the primed torpedo tube of dream
the right apparel
a tight moist suit
its zips concealed
beneath the seams
preferably coated
with angel blubber
for additional smoothness
Chipset knows all the vowels
to Stairway to Heaven
he stuck a cartoon fin to my back
with fish lick
and tiny magic suckers
we beam we really do
our brows tipped to brace
the slipstream of happiness
we went on soul errands together
he could spot a weed-world rift at a distance
and steered me to safety
over dinner
I tried to explain Goretex
and mimed the expression
catch your breath
we compared scales and modes
deep into the night
he expressed a slight preference for
and ballroom attire
It reminded him he said
of the way the sun refracted
though the logged watery sky

Milan          January 2008