the Omniscient Mussel
 who now receives an honorary PhD in Being Here
  from the University of Wells: Next; The Sea!
    is gazing at the flight of butterflies
& reformulating advice to humans
on how to grow your own shoes
  two Common Blues
    dance down among knee
     high flourishes of Norfolk August
               wings edged with
           sooty darkness
 settle on blade-grey sea holly
       in a scoop of dunes
   but near the intermingling tones of strangers
 from Mansfield & Antioch (disambiguation)
Nottingham & Oxford
 Margate      Gdansk        Milan
  odour of stoat under lunar solfège
     bees dozing in the last sweet peas
                   the Omniscient Mussel
            gives sweet liquid clucks & recalls:
              the possible places
             of articulation
            form a continuum
          along the upper surface
          of the vocal tract
           so the places listed above
                   should be seen
                                   as arbitrary

August 2008         Norfolk