. . .and Jungle Gardenia crash on Pine-Sol and beer. . .

The past has been hacking into my dreams
          bundled with legitimate claims to sleepless nights
I sip coffee as if it were a linking potion
an organic
          short cut
                way out
                       into day
                                 the valley's bright haze
                beyond the blind
a sort of soft shelter
       from the mismatch
of dream-frames split
     time-set spandrels
                          mind's misplaced –tectures
       traipsed among
re-assumed places and events
                         they trail away as smoke plumes
      from the high planes overhead
starting their long decent
                     their mechanical howl
dealing with turbulence
               the reminiscence bump
code culled
                         tapped from the deepest possible vein
    where patching up
          fenestral wounding
                flagging recognition
                      shapes sentimental logograms
                                              of the awareness hope
                   that what we write is read

Valverde         October 2008