early autumn morning thought
      you heard your footsteps
          coming back to meet you
                 the faulty street light clicks
            buzzes    & hums a new tune
    in front of  the Hôtel de l'Avenir
the duck standing just out of sight in the fog
where an empty sports shop still promises
new away kit now available
                     it's the kind of day
            when new people are conceived
          by the universe           are born
           or die forever               twist the knife
    in distant strangers      or enrol on courses
          called things like Yoga for Begonias
           for a moment it  looked as though
              the world could be unpacked
               from all our damaged cases
   & cleared from all these shredded papers
                   dishonoured contracts
                        stained canticles
   & left out all night to shine among us
                     luminous mist suspending
      the tree's last wet apple
                  while somewhere electrical
       Sonny Rollins
                                   live in Toulouse
                     More than You Know

Norfolk         October 2008