A post-chemo disability allowance of 70%
 brings an immense fortune
  of handy exemptions
   many of which are hyphenated:
    tax-free hang-gliding accessories
     replacement canisters for sky-writers
      artificial limbs paghi due, prendi tre
       esteem baths [no VAT]
        70s disco compilations
         excluding that's the way I like it
          lacustrine cup cakes
           ex-RAF wheel chock
            stair-to-ramp adapters
             walk on the other side of the road kits
              plug'n'play go back to where
             you started from
            spiritual rags to ragged spirits converters
           your very own dumpster
          Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes
         co-ordinated soul-step
        dance-floor decals
       a low-risk new versatile
      acronym disk egg poacher
     3 subscriptions of your choice
    scuffed faux state-side stylist Asiatic trainers
   with names like brandish and dicer
  mp3s of the city's grind
 geared to indifference
and everything slightly too dirty for words

Valverde - Milan         December 2008 - January 2009