Lynn's made ginger & rhubarb muffins
       as gifts for the Spring Oracle            spongy
sumps of treacle rising up towards a new moon –
                          the oracle   (which actually prefers
 Norfolk Pork & Haddock Chowder  –  a tradition
              accidently launched  last year)   ordains:
                            throw away your watch strap
                                     place watch on tongue
                           & shut your mouth

      we have kept a few for midnight feasts
   & share one with the O.M.
 esconced in his birch-twig cabin
the size of a fist or heart   up in the Magic Willow
[see Quintet on St. Cecilia's Day for more details]
          the O.M. –  now snug in a muffin  –   mutters
      let the moon grow out of your heads to fill the sky
& change  the sound of the wind with permanent readiness
 for seconds    as the earth turns  in its sleep
      & a city drops to its knees in the dust

            a few fleas settle back down on the stray dog
                  by a fountain in the dark piazza
               the sun will burn out your eyes
       unless you project its power onto paper

Norfolk         Pasqua 2009