Chipset is talking me through Data Grief
he calls it Unreinstatable lossfulness
the hard drive clicked
hummed inaudibly soft
and locked me out
what's worse I'm left with
a searing abrupt vulnerability
intended encounters
conversations rehearsed perhaps for years
kept somewhere in mind then lost
no longer accessible appropriate     or simply set aside
this could be why most nights
at 2am half my head erupts
as if something were boiling
beneath the skin it cannot broach
in an attempt to lighten up
we prise open a couple of bottles of Forst
Chipset tells me why do. . . fish jokes
(. . .because haddock is the past tense of havoc. . .)
and reminds me of the time Evangeline
took one word right out of my mouth
I nearly veered off course
again and again and again
why asks Chipset so we say underwater?

Milano         May 2009