Jaundiced morning sky   bleats of hammer blast
tip-toe sniper tipping the balance   please ensure today
remains always virus free   too young for revolution
too old for reform   shot down flight no escape

blind eye set in frame   nymphs with aerodynamic ears
hunched over decryption devices   decode dead secrets
where meaning cannot be located   life as a rough copy
of shrapnel marks on puppets   no strings attached

wired to the last   multispecialist of the superscience
saluting the sealed well   hyperventilated safe complex
colossal filter screens   cogs and cogito make
microstructures of history   when we’ve drawn a blank

a MiG at dusk     a pasty sky over patchy earth
decisive victory an incentive for incendiary device
circle of melted snow around the blasted out dacha
ring of ash   ring of fire   cracked sound of distant bells